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When Can I Join a Medicare Advantage Plan?

You can join, switch, or drop a Medicare Advantage plan at these times:


When you first become eligible for Medicare (3 months before the month you turn 65 to 3 months after the month you turn age 65)


If you qualify for Medicare due to a disability, you can join a Medicare Advantage plan 3 months before to 3 months after your 25th month of disability.


Between October 15th – December 7th of each year during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Your coverage will begin on January 1 of the following year. January 1 – March 31 may also provide an additional chance to switch plans


If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). There are numerous situations that may qualify you. Please speak to one of our licensed agents for guidance on whether you qualify for a SEP.

Medicare Supplement Plans (Medicap)

In New York, the Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance, or Medigap, can help you pay for the health care costs that Medicare Part A and Part B don’t cover such as deductibles and coinsurance. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B to purchase a Medigap policy and they cannot be purchased in conjunction with a Medicare Advantage plan. New York Medicare Supplement Plans are provided by private health insurance carriers and must follow federal and state laws. The team at Plan Medicare will help guide you in all of your Medicare decision making.

What are the Eligibility and Enrollment Requirements?

Those Medicare applicants that are turning 65 in New York, who are eligible for a Medigap policy, must enroll during either their open enrollment period (OEP) or during a guaranteed acceptance period (GA) to avoid pre-existing condition clauses and potential denial of coverage. The OEP begins the month your Part B begins and continues for 6 months. The GA period occurs after your 6 month OEP has passed and lasts 60 days from the date of loss of other creditable coverage such as employer group due to retirement. Our licensed agents can help you sort through your options to determine if you qualify and which options will best fit your needs.

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