About Us

Located in New York, Plan Medicare was founded to help people understand the many facets of Medicare

With so much constantly changing in the healthcare industry we understand that it can be intimidating and confusing when it comes time to choose a Medicare package.

Our team is educated on the most current plans and policies of nearly every major carrier, and as independent agents, our only obligation is to our client: making sure that we choose the best plan for your specific needs.

At Plan Medicare we also know how important it is to get personal. We give each and every client the time and attention they need to help choose, understand, enroll and maintain the best Medicare coverage.

Current and prospective clients are matched up with one of our licensed insurance agents, who manage everything from: understanding eligibility, processing paperwork, liaising with insurance providers, answering questions on billing and payment, and staying up to date on plan and policy changes.

Plan Medicare’s offices are located in Melville, Long Island and Midtown, Manhattan. We take appointments via phone, or in person in one of our offices. We can even set clients up with an in-home appointment, if preferred.

We are here, every day, to help our clients get the most out of their coverage