As the population of retirees grows each year, and the economy continues to fluctuate, there is more pressure than ever on organizations to find great health care coverage for retirees.

Most company’s retiree benefit packages were designed years ago, and many may be completely outdated, and costing hundreds of unnecessary dollars, or even worse, not offering retirees any health care benefits.

Did you know that there are great, reasonably priced, group retiree Medicare plans from UnitedHealthcare®, that won’t break your organization’s budgets, and gives retiring employees the best possible coverage available?

Whether your organizations goal is to maintain benefit levels at lower costs, transition retirees to individual Medicare coverage plans, move retirees to an exchange, offer subsidy, or not, there are great options available to help you achieve your goals.

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Benefits of a Group Plan for your organization:

  • Huge potential cost savings!
  • Offer the best possible health insurance to retiring employees as part of your benefits package, at no extra cost
  • Simple, streamlined administration and management (let retirees liaise directly with the insurance provider, not your HR team)
  • In-depth transition planning, implementation, and education for employees and retirees
  • Variety of coverage options
  • Nationwide solutions
  • Fast claims processing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Incentive to attract and retain top talent

Benefits of a Group Plan for retirees:

  • Huge potential cost savings & value adds
  • Access to the best possible insurance on the market
  • Dedicated customer service team on the account, no more hassling with tele-sales
  • Freedom to go to any Medicare doctor or hospital
  • Flexibility to be covered anywhere in the U.S. and options for foreign travel emergency choice of plans to best suit their needs and budgets
  • No copays, deductibles or co-insurance

Group Medicare Plans in New York City


Organizations can choose to endorse a plan with no subsidy, offer partial subsidy, or full subsidy. With either choice, the process is simple, and only takes a few hours in total. There are a variety of billing options as well, all designed to keep costs down and administrative overhead low.