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I am so pleased to work with Plan Medicare – Long Island Medicare Agent.  They are efficient, on top of everything and there is great communication.  As a registered nurse, I am usually the one to organize everything but I just let Plan Medicare take care of all the details and then they tell me what needs to be done next.  Fabulous company!

Robin D

Brian was extremely helpful in getting me set up for Medicare. Took all the mystery out of it and helped me find the best plan. I have referred family and friends. All are happy with this group.

Russell Cloughen

I was quite overwhelmed with what seemed suddenly turning 65 and the ensuing barrage of medicare information and the timing of it all, however Brian Krantz and his team were extraordinarily warm and efficient in helping me meet this new phase of life. In a time
of significantly diminished customer service , communication and professionalism, I am very duly impressed, grateful and highly recommending this team,

Jeffrey P

I highly recommend Plan Medicare. They are very professional, responsive, helpful, answer all inquiries and concern I have had. My parents were able to switch to Supplement Plan, and a Drug Plan with much savings. It was a pleasure working with them and I would recommend my friends who are in need for Medicare needs.

Cynthia L

Plan Medicare was attentive to my questions and proactive in guiding me through the Medicare application process. Thank-you Jia Wen Shen and Brian Krantz.

Bob L

I received the best option for me based on my income and needs.

Nancy (Grandmaof3)

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, VERY helpful and calming. Can’t ask for anything more!

Linda Wintman

If you’re heading into Medicare land, these folks streamlined the process for me at no charge and very efficiently. Highly recommend!

Linda Coleman

Brian possesses a great gift for clarity and focus. He really knows his stuff! I highly recommend his services to all.

Laura De Ponte

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, VERY helpful and calming. Can’t ask for anything more! THANK YOU

Wendy Boxer Wintman

PlanMedicare was indispensable in getting me set up with Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage. Brian Krantz explained everything, answered all my questions, found a solution to a potential problem with an expensive specialty medication, and did the research to confirm all my doctors were on the plan I wanted. Brian’s staff, particularly Jia Shen, shepherded my application, discovered and helped me fix a problem with my application, and ultimately got everything filed and accepted on time. Many thanks PlanMedicare!”

Karen C.

Brian and Jia were great. Walked me through everything and cleared up all my confusion, answered all my questions and it turned out to be a very smooth process. Thanks again Gail

Gail S.

Brian Krantz was a very nice, informative and easy person to deal with when I was considering my healthcare benefits before retirement. I used the coverage he recommended for me, and it has all worked very well. If you ever have any questions, Brian’s team, including Corey and Jia are always very helpful, and a pleasure to deal with. I have recommended Brian Krantz to several of my friends, who were also very happy with his advice and services. I give Brian and his team 5 star

Beth M

Great service, great team…quick turn around too..

Edward T. Finneran

I dreaded applying for Medicare, but all that changed when I decided to work with Plan Medicare. Everyone was lovely, extremely knowledgeable, and walked me through the entire process without a hitch. Jia Shen and Corey Simone returned phone calls and replied to emails in record time and ensured that all my questions were answered and that I thoroughly understood the specifics of my new plan. I can’t emphasize enough that Plan Medicare is the company to contact when you have to sign up for Medicare. Do yourself a favor and call them today!

Claire de Brunner