Easy 3-Step Process


Free Initial Consultation

We will review your current health insurance situation. Educate you on your Medicare options. And breakdown all of your Medicare costs and fees.

Step 1. Free Initial Consultation

Review Your Current Health Insurance Situation

  • In our office, at your house or over the phone
  • Understand your eligible enrollment periods
  • Review of Employer and Retiree Health Plans
  • Compare Retiree options to Medicare to help make informed deicison if taking a Medicare plan is the right move

Educate you on Medicare options

  • Explain difference between Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Explanation and overview of different Medicare Part D Phase (Deductible, Initial, Coverage Gap, Catastrophic Phase)
  • Explain Original Medicare A&B
  • Provide plan options that include your favorite doctors and local pharmacies
  • Include any additional benefits like eyecare, dental, hearing and fitness memberships

Break down of all Medicare costs and fees

  • Overview of all Original Medicare costs
  • Provide a break down of monthly and yearly costs including premiums, copays and coinsurance
  • Analysis of your unique IRMAA situation
  • Review & compare Supplemental plan coverage and cost options
  • Review & compare Advantage plan coverage and cost options
  • Review Part D coverage and costs and copays
  • Ensure you do not incur any penalties

Step-By-Step Enrollment

We help you enroll in Medicare A & B, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.

Step 2. Step-By-Step Enrollment

  • Help enrolling in Medicare Parts A & B, including all necessary paperwork
  • Send all plan information directly to your home, highlighting important information for you to review
  • Send a digital enrollment option via email
  • Submit plans directly to insurance companies on your behalf
  • Confirm enrollment with insurance carriers and notify you when plans are approved
  • Help enrolling in Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans

On-Going Support

We keep you informed throughout the year on plan updates and changes, and our agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions at any point.

Step 3. On-Going Support

  • 24/7 access to our client service department via phone
  • You never need to call an insurance company directly or wait on hold with an 1-800 number
  • Personal reviews every year during open enrollment, to ensure your current plan is the best and most cost effective
  • Update you on plan changes throughout the year
  • Inform you on industry news that could impact your coverage
  • Order replacement Medicare cards and materials as needed
  • Review medical bills or claims
  • Advise on Medicare appeals
  • Provide annual rate shopping

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Our Process

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Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, VERY helpful and calming. Can't ask for anything more! THANK YOU
Wendy Boxer Wintman
Brian possesses a great gift for clarity and focus. He really knows his stuff! I highly recommend his services to all.
Laura De Ponte
If you're heading into Medicare land, these folks streamlined the process for me at no charge and very efficiently. Highly recommend!
Linda Coleman
Thank you Brian you made it so easy to understand. I feel so good knowing that you helped me with this plan and will be there for us if we need you.
Angela Grappone
Fabulous service; Medicare de-mystified. I am confident I have what I need at a great price and doubt I would have figured it all out as well (certainly not as efficiently) as Brian
Erika Kluth Moore
Brian is very helpful and has directed me and my wife in the right direction. We are so happy Brian helped us out with the right Plan for us.
Jack Leone