Brian Krantz,
Your Trusted Medicare Partner

Brian works with financial advisors across the country at every major firm. He specializes in seamlessly blending Medicare planning with financial strategies, ensuring your clients are well-prepared for this critical phase of their lives.

Why Integrate Medicare Planning
with Financial Planning?

Medicare planning is not just about healthcare; it’s an integral part of a comprehensive financial strategy. Proper Medicare planning ensures your clients:

Avoid penalties and unnecessary concerns by planning ahead, ideally 3 to 6 months before their 65th birthday or as they transition from employer plans.

Make informed decisions about Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and Drug Plans
that align with their financial and healthcare needs.

Understand the costs, rules, and coverage options to make choices that protect their financial well-being and health.

Financial Implications

  • Cost Projections

    Assist clients in projecting Medicare costs and incorporate them into their retirement planning, ensuring that their savings can cover premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Income-Related Adjustments

    It's crucial to understand how a client's income affects Medicare premiums (IRMAA) for accurate financial planning.

How This Benefits You and Your Clients

Strengthens Client Relationships

By addressing a critical need that is often overlooked, you demonstrate a deep understanding of your clients' comprehensive life needs, reinforcing their trust and loyalty.

Enhances Your Service Offering

Adding Medicare planning to your portfolio of services differentiates you from competitors and positions you as a holistic advisor who goes beyond traditional financial planning.

Opens Doors for New Relationships

Offering Medicare planning can attract prospects nearing retirement age, providing an excellent opportunity to introduce your broader financial planning services.

Maintains and Strengthens Existing Relationships

Regular reviews of your clients' Medicare plans ensure they have the right coverage as their needs evolve, keeping you engaged and proactive in their financial health.

Brian’s services are 100% FREE of charge to advisors and clients. Working with Brian is truly a value-added benefit.

Educational Presentations

Brian offers free educational seminars either in person or over Zoom.

These Informative presentations can be done for a group of clients, or a team of financial advisors. These sessions cover key topics such as Eligibility, Navigating the Initial Steps, Original Medicare Parts A & B, Eligibility & Costs of Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D, Individual and Group Insurance, Medicare Rules & Penalties, and Enrollment.

Brian Krantz

With a distinguished career spanning nearly 2 decades in the Medicare consulting space, Brian Krantz has established himself as a leading authority on Medicare planning. As the founder of Plan Medicare, Brian has dedicated his professional life to demystifying the complexities of Medicare for seniors across the country.

Under Brian’s leadership, Plan Medicare has emerged as a beacon of trust and reliability, offering unbiased advice and comprehensive support to those navigating the Medicare maze. His commitment to education and empowerment is evident through the personalized service Plan Medicare provides, helping clients understand their enrollment options and ensuring they are well-informed to make the best decisions for their healthcare needs.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Brian resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his wife and two children, where he enjoys the vibrant life of the city and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers every day.

Client Testimonials

All Client Reviews Are Verified From Real Clients

I don't know how I would have navigated the many options available for a Medicare plan. Brian Krantz explained everything clearly and helped me to choose the best plan for my personal needs. I am really glad that my friend recommended him to me.

~ B. Rosanna Ruffo
Brian was extremely helpful in getting me set up for Medicare. Took all the mystery out of it and helped me find the best plan. I have referred family and friends. All are happy with this group.
~ Russell Cloughen

Brian Krantz made my enrollment process clear, expeditious and easy to understand. He is someone everyone should have in their corner to help so much with filing for Medicare health benefit coverage which is confusing to the layman.

~ John U

Brian and his team made the entire process very simple and easy. I highly recommend them!

~ Howard Dorman

Facing Medicare and what to do?
All I can say is -
Brian and his outstanding team at Plan Medicare are to the rescue!
I highly recommend this impressive team in navigating all things Medicare.
They will not disappoint, call them!

~ Mary Margarites

Plan Medicare. I will recommend it to everyone who needs help. Brian was awesome. He followed up with us and always ready to help and answer questions. Returned calls immediately. We are so happy to have found him since it is very overwhelming understanding Medicare.

~ Rocio Hary

My experience was absolutely fantastic. Brian and team were responsive and helpful.

~ F. William Reindel

I was quite overwhelmed with what seemed suddenly turning 65 and the ensuing barrage of Medicare information and the timing of it all, however Brian Krantz and his team were extraordinarily warm and efficient in helping me meet this new phase of life. In a time
of significantly diminished customer service, communication and professionalism, I am very duly impressed, grateful and highly recommending this team.

~ Jeffrey Poulos

Navigating the waters of Medicare plans was challenging and this wonderful company was like a life preserver! Everyone is polite, professional and supportive. Thank you Brian Krantz and team! I’m enrolled and relieved.

~ Jody Prusan

Brian was such a professional & responsible person. He immediately responded to my questions I raised in my emails and clarified them. This is what I admire most about him!
He was very friendly too!

~ Jean Chen
Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, VERY helpful and calming. Can't ask for anything more!
~ Linda Wintman

Brian Krantz was an excellent agent. He was knowledgeable with all of the products available and beneficial to me personally. And he made the whole transition to medicare seamless and easy.

~ Nan DeBlase

We worked with Brian Krantz at Plan Medicare and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Brian was professional, knowledgeable, and so accommodating of our time schedule. Thank you, Brian, for all the support you gave us!

~ Marty Esparza
Brian possesses a great gift for clarity and focus. He really knows his stuff! I highly recommend his services to all.
~ Laura De Ponte