The Medicare Blue Button and How Can It Help You

By planmedicare1 - March 10, 2016


Did you know that it is your legal right to have access to all of your own health records? And  as a Medicare beneficiary, you can get the access you need in one convenient online portal?

The Medicare Blue Button makes it easy to view, download and keep track of all of your personal medical records, including: doctor and hospital visits, claims documentation,   prescription history and more.

The Medicare Blue Button is an online portal available at the Medicare website ( that allows Medicare beneficiaries to safely and securely access their personal health records. It is an empowering way to take a more active role in your health care.  With the Medicare Blue Button you can download your personal health care information to your own computer, a CD or a flash drive or even access it on your mobile phone.

Who Can Use the Medicare Blue Button?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you are eligible to use the Medicare Blue Button.  All you need to do is sign up on the Medicare website to get started.

What Kind of Information Can You Access with the Medicare Blue Button?

  • Listings of all your medications
  • Your allergy history
  • Records on file with your doctors
  • Hospital records
  • Lab test results
  • Health insurance claims information including :your Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Advantage and Prescription Drugs (Part D) claims

How Can the Medicare Blue Button Help You?

  • Gives you greater control over your own personal health information.
  • Makes it easy to share your medical records and claims documents with doctors, caregivers,  family members or whomever you want.
  • Helps you improve your health by providing tools that help you analyze your health information.
  • Eliminates having to search through filing cabinets, attics and basement boxes for old hospital records, lab reports and claims documents, saving you hours of frustration, stress and worry.
  • The Medicare Blue Button is a safe, secure and user-friendly way to view, download and monitor your health history, whether you’ve opted for Original Medicare or a Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Advantage or Prescription Drug (Part D) plan.

Plan Medicare makes it easy for you to choose, understand and enroll in Medicare Supplement (Medigap) , Advantage and Prescription Drug (Part D) plans. Contact us today and let us help you choose the perfect plan and set up your Medicare Blue Button access today.

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