What happens to my Medicare if I move?

By planmedicare1 - July 9, 2019

coverage if a client moves to a different state. Let’s discuss what needs to be done, and how coverage is affected by the move.

Medicare Parts A & B (Original Medicare) are federal benefits, therefore those do not change if you move, as long as you are staying within the United States. Depending on your type of Medicare coverage, you may need to update your plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans do NOT change when you move from state to state. You can keep your Medicare Supplement Plan as is, however note that the costs of the same coverage may increase or decrease depending on where you are moving to. Depending on the insurance carrier, you may not need a new application. You may just need to update your file. This is totally dependent on the insurance carrier, and that is why it’s always very important to chat with your Medicare insurance broker. In addition, you may be able to keep your current rates from your current state, so again, it’s very important to call, to discuss price implications, and how to maximize your coverage at the best rate.

In addition, some states require medical underwriting, so it may be in your best interest to stick with your current Medicare Supplement Plan. Again, we will help you navigate all of your options and guide you to the best possible plan in your new area, so it’s very important that you call 2 months prior to your planned move date.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), however, do NOT stay the same when you move to another area, and you will have to update your plan with your Medicare broker. This is because Medicare Advantage Plans are offered based on the residential area in which you live, therefore if you move, the coverage and costs will change.

The same applies for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. These are also based on your residential area, and will need to be updated when you move.

You must let your licensed Medicare broker know within a certain time frame of your move. This will qualify you for a Special Election Period (SEP), in which you are allowed to change plans (which is rarely allowed outside of Open Enrollment Period). The timeframe in which you can update your plan is one month prior to your move date through two months after your move date (a three month window).

Moving can be a stressful time, but we can help make part of it easy. The licensed agents at Plan Medicare are here to answer any of your questions about moving and how Medicare is impacted. Call us at 516-900-7877 to schedule a time to chat today!

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