Client Testimonials

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Brian and everyone of his staff are amazing to work with. They are knowledgeable and always professional. They take the time to explain everything and follow through on phone calls in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend Bryan and his team! They should give lessons to so many other business!!

Arlene Denker-Rose

Brian Krantz is wonderful to work with! He made this process painless and easy to understand. He truly wants what is best for each of his clients. I would absolutely recommend this company for anyone needing a Medicare supplement or Advantage plan!!! Thank you Brian!!!

Ruth Tarlow

Brian was very patient and came up with the best plan for myself and my wife. I recommend him highly.

Steven Tray

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, VERY helpful and calming. Can’t ask for anything more! THANK YOU

Wendy Boxer Wintman

Corey who is my rep provided excellent, friendly and professional service. He is very knowledgeable and available for follow-up.

Mary Austin

Great support from Bryan and his staff. Very helpfull.

Kenneth Mole

As a Social Worker assisting seniors, finding a resource for Medicare needs was vital. Brian and his staff have proved, time and again, to be knowledgeable, professional, and a true pleasure to work with. They take time to make sure their clients understand their options and, more importantly, take time to understand their clients unique needs and circumstances.

Randi Altshuler Katzman

Brian possesses a great gift for clarity and focus. He really knows his stuff! I highly recommend his services to all.

Laura De Ponte

Fabulous service; Medicare de-mystified. I am confident I have what I need at a great price and doubt I would have figured it all out as well (certainly not as efficiently) as Brian

Erika Kluth Moore

If you’re heading into Medicare land, these folks streamlined the process for me at no charge and very efficiently. Highly recommend!

Linda Coleman

Brian is very helpful and has directed me and my wife in the right direction. We are so happy Brian helped us out with the right Plan for us.

Jack Leone

Thank you Brian you made it so easy to understand. I feel so good knowing that you helped me with this plan and will be there for us if we need you.

Angela Grappone

Medicare is a great thing but it is not simple. Drug plan choices are a great thing–but also not simple.If you want a terribly complicated process simplified, call Brian.My mother is in her 90s and we have no worries–thanks to Brian and his team.

Marilyn Machlowitz

Before I met Brian I was extremely confused as to all the different companies and plans available to me upon turning 65. In a very short period of time Brian was able to get me excellent coverage. I am confident that Brian will be my planner for many years to come and I would by happy to recommend his services to all my acquaintances.

David Hauser

Until I met Brian I was very confused about all the different companies and plans out there and after some awful experiences in trying to deal with it myself, I was recommended to Brian by a couple of his very satisfied clients. In a very short period of time Brian was able to get me excellent coverage. He took the time to fit my needs making my future medical issues stress free. Most important, he ALWAYS returns your call. Thank you, Brian!!

Pamela Carlucci